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“You, me and a box of snacks”

Snacks that are loved for ages are now just a few clicks away. The Box Store is the go to destination for all your scrumptious international snacks, candies, biscuits, cookies, beverages, gums and more.

It’s an extravaganza for all the food enthusiasts nationwide to enjoy the goodness of all their favorite snacks finally coming across the globe.

As you know, hunger doesn’t wait for anyone. Imagine all these umpteen range of munchies available at your doorstep. Get indulged in the gastronomic delights from The Box Store and get boxious with it.

Dive into the wide range of munchies from all around the world. In a Box, we bring to you the finest collection of humongous flavors that our country has been missing out.

Ah, yes! Don’t forget to Eat, Sleep, Box, Repeat

Packed with Love❤️ THE BOX STORE!

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have! support@theboxstore.in


In June 2014 we opened a Mega Lifestyle Store and Cafu00e9 Bar at 23/100 Don McKinnon Drive, Northridge Plaza, Albany. With over 4000 product lines available this is a one stop shop for all your healthy food needs. With more space at our new store we can offer you more products, more room to move and fresh organic smoothies, juices, coffees and food to go.


We cater for a wide range of customers, offering many specialist products e.g. gluten-free, fair trade, vegan and raw foods.

Our Mission

We look forward to bringing you the best quality and variety of organic and healthy products either online or from our friendly team at our Amino Organic store.

We bring to you the finest flavors of famous brands that our country has been missing out on. From Toblerone to Hershey’s, Warheads to Jolly Rancher, from Lindt to Ferrero, Haribo to Vidal, all the renowned candies & chocolate bars, you name it we have it. Be it chocolates, chips, western snacks, and other exotic flavors you see online.

Need any help? Reach us at

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